Eight important questions to ask before rebranding

Eight important questions to ask before rebranding

Your brand defines your business.

It’s what sets you apart from your competitors.

It’s more than a logo, a colour or a shape. Your brand encompasses everything that defines your company and the people in it.

That’s why a rebrand is so exciting (and scary) – and why so many companies get it wrong.

We work with many companies who think they need to rebrand and in effect all they need is to redefine their marketing strategy, rather than confusing customers with a new image. A rebrand can be fantastic but it needs to be planned and requires a lot of work and consideration from those within the business. So, if you are considering a company rebrand, take a look at these questions to give your business the best chance of making it a success.

#1 Why rebrand?

If the answer is ‘I don’t like our logo’, think again. Rebranding is expensive, time-consuming, and incredibly risky. Here are some better answers to this question:

  • Our audience has changed
  • We have a bad reputation
  • Our business has merged with another
  • Our core offering has changed

If you’re not 100% sure why you want to rebrand, don’t bother!

#2 What do customers think of us?

Remember: your brand should reflect who you are as a company. If your rebrand moves the brand further from customer perceptions of your company, you’ll cause confusion and lose customers.

Remember Tropicana’s ill-fated rebrand attempt? One of the main problems with it was that consumers think of its brand as an everyday staple, a breakfast tradition. Switching up the old brand for something new and fancy put-off their loyal customers and sent sales tumbling.

Find out what customers think your brand means before tinkering. Something like a perception survey would be a fantastic way to find out exactly what your customers think. And by using a third party to carry it out, we often find the results are a lot clearer and honest.

#3 What do employees think of a rebrand?

Your rebrand won’t get anywhere if your employees don’t buy into it. Include them in the process from the very beginning. Ask them for help defining your brand and suggesting where your current efforts fall short. Get feedback on new logo designs, too.

#4 What will it cost?

Good rebranding exercises take time to complete, but time isn’t the only cost of rebranding. Assign an individual from each team or department to make a note of everything that will need to be updated with the new brand. This includes the website, business cards, signage, advertising copy, and uniforms. Estimate costs and benefits, and see if your planned rebrand is truly worthwhile.

#5 Which elements will remain constant?

Unless you want a clean break from your old brand, it’s best to maintain some elements of your brand’s design. This could be a certain colour, typeface, or other design element. Again, speak to customers and employees about which elements are most critical to your brand.

#6 Should we change our trading name?

If you’ve undergone a merger, are changing your product offering, or have a bad reputation to escape, you may need to go beyond a basic rebrand and change your trading name. This is a huge decision. Carefully weigh up costs and benefits before going ahead.

#7 Is our new name legally available? What about the domain name?

If you do go for the name change, don’t forget to check trademark information to see if another company holds the rights to the name. Also, investigate domain names and social media URLs to see if your new brand name is available on all the online platforms you want to use.

#8 How will we manage the transition?

For a rebrand to be effective, the transition between old and new needs to be as swift and seamless as possible. This takes a great deal of coordination, particularly if your business is based over multiple sites. Draw up a plan of action well in advance of the switchover date, so that nothing gets left behind.


We’re all resistant to change. There are few high-profile rebrands that have been praised wholeheartedly upon their announcement. But by asking and answering these questions before you get started, it’s far more likely you’ll make a success of it – and meet your marketing goals.

We work closely with a lot of agencies to manage company rebrands and go through the initial process to ensure we capture the heart of the company in your rebrand. Our position workshop is the perfect place to start when considering a change. Get in touch with us to find out more.