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Beavers demonstrate a power of working and attaining a sense of achievement, they are born builders.


A Decade of Madness


Built for Marketing was incorporated in May 2008, so this year we're celebrating turning 10 years old and looking back on all the achievements we've made along the way. We like to think we do things differently and stand out from the crowd, so as part of our celebrations, we decided to have a bit of fun, and to give everyone else a laugh in doing so. 

We're big fans of the series 'Mad Men' and love the 50's style, so we created our own take on it... presenting 'Mad Women'....

We need to say a huge thank you to Sam Fox and Tallulah of Fox+ who made us look like professionals, rather than just some mad women playing at being movie stars. Also, our good friends at SAS International who provided the locations, and went above and beyond to accommodate us and our craziness!

You’re only 10 years old once, so enjoy watching us, making fools of ourselves, for no other reason than that!