Award entries made easy

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Are you familiar with the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’? Well, winning industry awards can do wonders for your company’s profile, brand and recognition.

An industry award shows your clientele that you’re a) good at what you do and b) proud and passionate about what you achieve.

So, why are entering awards often overlooked?

Unfortunately, many businesses hold back from entering awards because it isn’t as simple as it first appears. Depending on the organiser or promoter, the process can be lengthy, time consuming and even quite stressful.  Whilst many have the potential to enter categories and even win, they simply don’t have the time or resource to gather evidence and collate an entry.

Some awards criteria require a few thousand written words at least, not to mention the supporting materials and vitally, getting internal and sometimes external approval to submit it. It’s no wonder many discount the opportunity as more effort than it’s worth.

Although it may seem like it, our intention isn’t to put you off entering awards all together. The kudos they bring to your company is well worth the lengthy process, and we can help. Luckily our Built for Marketing team revel in managing projects efficiently, researching, and content writing; the perfect skills combination for forming successful awards entries, don’t you agree?

Over the years we have accumulated expertise in writing bespoke award entries for clients across various industries, telling the story of how Built for Marketing have helped make a positive difference to their business.

It’s a gratifying feeling, getting word that you’ve reached the finalist stage, so don’t let it become yesterday’s news; take advantage of it and get the marketing machine into full swing. Shout about your well-deserved recognition with a ‘finalists’ logo on your website, embed it in your email signature and get the news shared in the trade press and on social media. You’ll want to ensure your existing and potential customers know about your achievement!

Most awards are presented at an evening event including dinner, drinks and a presentation of the winners’ trophies. This provides ample opportunity to either host your clients or reward your staff and not forgetting, showing your face at a prestigious industry event alongside your peers. As if this doesn’t sound like reason enough, the chance of getting your company name read out as the ‘winner’, and proudly holding the trophy that represents your hard work really is the icing on the cake.

At Built for Marketing we’re very proud of the awards we’ve helped our clients win and of course, they’re a win for us too! Read about our latest successful award entry…