Jules in the spotlight

Jules in the spot light

Our founding Director Jules is a real 'people person' and is never lost for words! With a love for gin and a crush on Donny Osmond(!) there's a lot you may not know about her...

Q.Sum up your BFM experience. 
A. Setting up Built for marketing was something I wanted to do for myself, and always a personal goal before I reached 40. The business was set up with the vision that marketing leads the sales function, and with the knowledge that this wasn’t common practice, especially at board level. My time at Built for Marketing has been exciting, challenging and very people led, I love what a difference our services can make to businesses.

Q.What do you think are your best business attributes? 
A. I am comfortable when public speaking and enjoy sharing my knowledge with an audience.

Q.How would the team describe you?  
A. Approachable, fun, understanding and demanding.

Q.What is your most embarrassing career moment?  
A. When my use of the word ‘Vicks’ (referring to the vapour rub) was lost through translation on a business trip in Germany. If you want further details, ask me in person, it isn’t a story to be written down…

Q.What job would you be terrible at?  
A. Anything that involves patience.

Q.What is your favourite part of the world?  
A. My heart is in Madeira. I have a second home on the island and spend as much time there as possible, always with a gin to hand. I am a bit of a sun worshipper. 

Q.What are the small things that make your day better?  
A. My work family and everyone around me. I am and always will be, a very sociable being.

Q.What was the first concert you attended?   
A. Five Star, although my first crush was on Donny Osmond (at 7 years old).

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