New Year, new start?

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Though it may just be another date in the calendar, a lot of businesses view the New Year as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, launch new strategies, make a new start and implement much needed change within their organisation. Whether they are being taken over by another business or simply want to adapt their company to changing trends, January 1st is the perfect date for a new beginning.

In order for a change in ownership, direction or corporate culture to be a success, the transition needs to be carefully managed and thoughtfully implemented. To ensure that the businesses we help achieve their new goals, we have created an in depth culture and communication service.

Designed to manage corporate changes and give businesses the tools they need to succeed, this essential service will help you make 2016 a year to remember for your business.

Managing customer relationships

We see customer relationship management, or CRM, as an integral part of any business, with the innovative solutions we create helping to streamline businesses and make working processes less complicated.

As well as ensuring we find the right CRM for a business, we also help to manage the cultural change that accompanies any shift in procedures. By communicating with employees throughout an organisation, we help to ensure that the new system is implemented smoothly and universally.

Communicating cultural change and engaging employees

Whether your business is going through a management buyout, introducing new processes or moving into new product lines, it’s incredibly important to ensure your staff are well informed throughout.

By engaging with employees and working with the entire organisation, we help businesses to manage change effectively and efficiently.

Marketing communications management for your New Start

Once a corporate change has been implemented internally, it’s time for a business to let their customers, clients and suppliers know what’s going on.

For businesses that don’t have their own in house marketing team, Built For Marketing can manage the entire process. From updating brochures and creating websites to sourcing stock photography and managing social media accounts, we can take care of all of a business’ communication needs quickly and effectively, all while keeping output on brand and on message.

If your business has big things planned for 2016, now’s the perfect time to get in touch and talk to us about achieving your goals. To find out more about our culture and communications service, or to discuss a project of your own, get in touch with a member of our team today.