Sharon in the hot seat


At BFM we know each other very well and regularly finish each other’s sentences. We thought it was only fair that you got to know us a little better. So, this month the spotlight is on Sharon Bowles….

Q. What is the strangest thing you have done for charity?
A. Wearing a lycra bodysuit filled with inflated balloons

Q. Sum up your BFM experience
A. At the risk of using a cliché, I have to say, the team at BFM are my work family. I love the daily challenge of the job, meeting new people and learning about their businesses, but the team culture at BFM, and our work hard, play hard ethic is the icing on my cake.

Q.What’s your best impression?
A. A goat

Q. Describe your favourite Friday night?
A. Eating and drinking, with friends and family

Q. What do you consider your best business attributes?
A. Building relationships, being a stickler for detail, and never being afraid of a challenge

Q. What is your nickname in the office and why?
A. Shaton – because I once managed to mistype my name in an email sign off

Q. What was the first concert you attended?
A. Reef at the Brixton Academy in 1995

Q. How would the team describe you?
A. A lovable grammar queen

Watch this space for more insider info on the rest of the team in the coming weeks….