Why rely on guess work? Tap into the power of psychology

Why Rely on Guess Work? Tap into the Power of Psychology_Built for Marketing.jpg

Marketing strategies are integral to a successful business, enabling them to have that edge, compete with competitors, and ultimately prosper. To keep up with the fast developing world of business, leading brands including Heinz and Oxo are going to great lengths, even relying on psychology to give them an advantage. Tapping into the unconscious minds of their customers to develop unique strategies to keep them ahead of their competitors.

Whilst most businesses have a good idea of what they think (…yes think) will appeal to their customers, marketers are becoming increasingly more savvy and competitive, relying ever more on psychological studies and research to underpin activity and maximise sales.

Although designs and market messages may grab the attention of customers unconsciously, the work behind them is far from unconscious. Aspects of psychology such as Neuroscience are used by marketers to help ‘read the minds’ of their customers. Oxo have used cognitive eye tracking devices to see which colour packaging grabs the attention of their customers the longest. It revealed that red packaging grabs the attention 40% faster than any other colour available. Undoubtedly an increase in attention-grabbing will maximise the chance of sales.

Although you may not realise it, psychology is everywhere.

Have you ever thought about the power of a monthly mailer for instance? It does more than just inform clients on what you’ve been up to for the last month…it also wins the minds of your clients by keeping your business known to them.

Whilst most marketers are not psychologists, they are using (without knowing it) psychological techniques. Often, marketers unintentionally use psychological cues to associate their brand/product to their marketing strategy. Basic psychological cues can be found on most good websites. Where great imagery is used depicting a company’s proudest case studies and achievements, this generates a positive association of what their brand represents.

All this discussion on marketing strategies and research, must make you wonder whether there is enough being done in the promotion of your business … Here at Built for Marketing we work alongside thriving businesses to help develop the marketing strategy that best suits them. If you have any queries or want some advice contact us here.