Three do it yourself marketing tasks

Three do it yourself marketing tasks_Built for Marketing.jpg

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Sure, having an expert marketing consultant on hand can make your marketing efforts far more effective, but some marketing tasks you can certainly manage to do without any outside help.

These do it yourself marketing tasks won’t cost you much money (or time) to carry out – but they’ll help you kickstart your marketing strategy and set the foundation for future campaigns.

#1 Maintain one social media channel

It’s smart to focus your social media efforts on only a handful of networks. If you’re just starting out, choose a single social network for your business.  Populate your profile with as much accurate info as you can. Add images, videos and links to your website.  This should take a couple of hours at most. Maintenance is a little more boring but just as important. Have a rough aim to post one new piece of content each week. This could be a behind-the-scenes photo, a comment on a local news story or event, or a link to your site. You should also set up email notifications for comments on your page so that you can respond promptly.

#2 Online reputation management

We all know how important online reviews can be for customers. Few of us would book a hotel or new restaurant without checking TripAdvisor or other sites for reviews. If your business features on review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google, claim your listingso you can manage it more effectively. You’ll be able to respond to reviews, report reviews that you think are fraudulent or misleading, and keep an eye on how your rating changes over time. This task should be manageable for most businesses.

#3 Client/customer testimonials

A good case study or testimonial can be extremely powerful. Publish good reviews on your website, in direct mail and even on the side of your van to attract new trade. A marketing company can gather these testimonials for you, but you’re best placed to gather them yourself. Use your relationships with clients and customers to secure some effective, honest case studies.

These DIY tasks are the springboard your marketing strategy needs, but by working alongside a specialist marketing consultant you can expand your reach and execute bigger marketing plans, including…

#1 Marketing and sales strategy

Planning an entire marketing strategy from scratch is a challenge. In some situations, it may be even more difficult to adjust an established marketing strategy once it’s in place. In these instances a fresh pair of eyes can be extremely helpful. The outside perspective provided by a marketing consultant can help you redefine your marketing and sales strategies to have an immediate impact. An expert marketer can also help you design and implement a long term marketing strategy to help you build on your current successes.

#2 Market positioning

You might well have carried out competitor analysis and market research when drafting your business plan, but do you still carry out these processes on a regular basis? For many companies, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Day-to-day business tasks take over. By seeking help from a marketing consultant you can benefit from extensive research on market positioning without having to abandon the front-line of your business.

#3 Event planning

Event planning is a complex process that takes endless phone calls, emails and visits to various vendors. The time investment is significant, and it’s often not one that can be managed by small businesses. Gain some outside help from a marketing consultant to prepare and hold an effective event that’ll get everyone talking about your business.

If you’re looking for a marketing expert to help you with these three tasks and more, you’ve come to the right place! Give us a bell or shoot us an email to discuss your requirements…