Which comes first: sales or marketing?

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We’re all in agreement that sales and marketing have a close relationship with each other, and all established businesses need sales and marketing teams to grow or maintain their market position. But if your business is young, or relatively small, you may not have any resource dedicated to either of these areas.

If you’re in a position to invest in sales or marketing, you might be wondering where to focus your resources first: marketing, or sales?

Chicken or egg?

Sales teams turn leads into business. Marketing involves positioning your business so that you can find and nurture leads.

If you have marketing resource, but not sales, you might struggle to convert interested prospects into paying customers.

Equally, if you’ve got a sales team but no marketing resource, you’ll find it difficult to find those prospects in the first place.

That’s why the sales versus marketing debate is often framed as a chicken or egg situation.

But we think differently.

Marketing always comes first

Marketing is more than just tweeting, attending events or sending out emailers. It’s about researching, creating, and implementing an entire strategy. Without a strong marketing strategy, you’ll find it challenging to establish yourself in the market and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Your strategy is just the foundation. From there develops your marketing plan, and your approach to sales. The strategy determines the markets you reach, your ideal customer, and your pricing strategy, which gets broken down into a yearly plan.

If you don’t have a strategy or a plan in place, your sales team don’t have much to work with.

And if you get marketing right, securing a sale should be far easier!

Working together

Although marketing should always come first, it’s best not to treat sales and marketing as entirely separate entities. Communications between the two teams should be regular and detailed, so that both areas can constantly improve their approach and work in sync rather than apart.

Sure, an incredible salesperson will secure new business for you. But a sound marketing strategy will draw in plenty of promising leads for the weeks, months and years to come – just make sure your marketing and sales team are on the same page!

If you’re looking to rethink or optimise your marketing and sales strategy but aren’t sure where to begin, Built for Marketing could help you find the answer. Our expert marketing consultants can work with you to align your marketing and sales plans with your business plan to deliver growth and achieve your business objectives.  Give us a call on 01580 213481 to get started!