Why use a marketing supplier?

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It’s always a big step, deciding to bring a new supplier into the business. It can be a huge change; you worry if you’ve made the right decision or if they will be able to achieve the results promised etc. Of all the suppliers to bring into your business, bringing in a marketing strategy consultancy like ourselves is probably the most personal. But it’s definitely one of the most beneficial decisions you could make.

We say it’s personal because whatever we’ve been engaged to help you with, we need to get to know you and the company at an in-depth level. The nuts and bolts yes, but also your objectives and ambitions for the business. Where you see it in 10 years’ time, what you are planning to do to get there, ideas on product development and where you think any weaknesses lie in your current set up. It sounds like a lot of information, but we’re better off knowing so we’re in the best position to help. Firstly, to create a marketing strategy that not only supports the business now but in the future, and secondly, to future-plan marketing for any large changes in the business and to spot where extra resource might be needed to achieve the marketing strategy, and more widely the overall business plan.

We are a marketing consultancy that lives and breathes marketing strategy, and hold a firm belief that it sits at the core of any successful business model. Working with a marketing consultancy can help stop ‘Group Think’; everyone agreeing on a plan or campaign without really thinking it through. We can challenge your assumptions and ‘the way you’ve always done things’ to help streamline your marketing and in some cases your sales strategies as well. We can help you re-evaluate the difference between where you sit in a market landscape and where you think you sit, who your competitors are and any potential market challenges that could be heading your way.

A good strategy consultancy shouldn’t just point out your weaknesses and challenge the way you think, they should almost more importantly point out your strengths, the efficient things you are doing as a business that have made you successful so far. They should then work with you to use all this evaluation and research and bring this together to produce a valuable marketing strategy that will underpin your business and help you achieve the dreams you have for it.

If you’re after any strategic marketing advice or just want to learn more about the benefits of using a marketing consultancy, feel free to contact us via email or call us on 01580 213481.