GFC Economics


Strategy | Website Development


We re-branded GFC Economics which included a new website, and analytical success monitoring. 

“BFM have been very willing to help and fun to work with. Their approach has always been friendly and extremely professional…We have been very grateful for the exceptional input of BFM and I would recommend them to any business. As a small business, where resources do not always allow the luxury of a full-time marketing department, BFM offers the perfect solution.”

Liz Bright, Managing Director, GFC Economics



BFM were introduced to GFC Economics back in 2014 when they were in need of some marketing advice. 



Both GFC Economics and BFM agreed a re-branding was necessary, which would include a new website. The re-branding process was overseen, guided and executed by BFM. 




Following the launch of the website, BFM were continually used for marketing support. BFM introduced email marketing and analytical monitoring to GFC Economics, to bring an up-to-date focus to their management reporting. 


the future

Thanks to BFM, GFC Economics were in the position to be able to take some of the services in house. GFC Economics continue to implement BFM's strategies.