Komfort Partitioning Ltd


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A complete company image refresh has been achieved, ultimately raising Komfort's profile in the architectural specification market. Their reputation now matches their internal capabilities and superior product offering, so that they are positioned to win back their market leader status.

"Built for Marketing have become an indispensable part of the Komfort team and continue to be a great investment for business. The team get quality work done with speed, what you ask them to do in two weeks, they will have done in one. They have certainly lived up to their reputation in the construction industry and what they have achieved over the last 8 months is remarkable, we won’t be letting them go any time soon."

Jim Smith, Sales and Marketing Director, Komfort Partitioning



Built for Marketing had previously worked with Komfort in 2008 at Board level to get the business ready for sale. Built for Marketing were invited to work with Komfort again in December 2017 with the brief of updating the company's image and growing their presence within the specification market on a quick turnaround basis.



Komfort had lost their dominance in the market and had allowed competitors to move into position. We worked with Komfort to update their company image and regain their market leader status.


Marketing Strategy

The main marketing objective for Komfort was to create a new image in the specification market nationally and globally.

The marketing activity was focused on visually changing the identity of Komfort from technical data sheets and design guides to inspiring imagery of projects, case studies, brochures and video content. This collateral acts as support for the sales specification team, and gives Komfort a new, fresh and aspirational identity.


Website Launch

A new website is currently being built, due to launch in late October 2018. The site is architecturally focused with innovative designs and expert application, whilst providing technical information for easy specification. A new feature of the site is a personalised customer area where download history is saved and users are presented with their allocated Account Manager's contact details.



We were recognised for our work with Komfort Partitioning by the Construction Marketing Awards, being shortlisted for the 'Best Strategic Planning & Management' in 2018. We are counting down the days until the winners are revealed on the 29th November!


 The Future

Built for Marketing continue to act as Komfort’s marketing strategists and their fully outsourced marketing department. We are proud to be part of the team that builds on the continued success of Komfort.