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The SAS International Brand was originally built in 1968 on one man’s vision. As the business grew the need arose for a galvanised approach to bring the business together in a full understanding of identified brand principles.

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The Challenge:
Our team was appointed with the objective of making SAS International stand out and stand for something. To give direction and dynamism in a world of mass marketing ceiling systems. To ensure that SAS International is consistent in their approach, demonstrating pride in the business and in quality of service. To keep true to the SAS original vision, the unique story from which SAS draw many strengths.

The solution and results:
We have developed a three-year marketing strategy which highlights SAS’ passion for inspirational spaces through a series of campaigns, collateral and communications, all of which show the ‘wow factor’ of SAS products and their ability to respond to design trends. SAS’ unique culture can now be seen in their overall brand and through their customer communications.

The project began with Built for Marketing (BFM) facilitating a brand programme – using techniques to ensure engagement from a cross section of the SAS International team; sales, operations, all factory sites, customer service, technical and board level management. This internal project inspired and motivated the internal marketing team at SAS, who we’ve continued to mentor. Outputs were woven into company deliverables – HR, team culture, office & factory environments, in all marketing collateral online and offline, and for the business’ 50th anniversary celebrations. 

With a reinvigorated brand identity, focus turned to research in order to correctly position SAS within each of the global markets it works within. Our team managed the capturing of customer and market perceptions through a comprehensive survey and carried out local market/competitor analysis.

The results of the research have equipped SAS to communicate on a local level with each of the 6 key markets across the globe. In order to engage with each region, BFM are supporting the SAS marketing team to work directly with the regional management and sales teams and have created dedicated communication plans accordingly.

BFM continue to be responsible for creating SAS’ marketing strategies, ensuring alignment to the business’ plans and a direct connection to the business development strategy. We also develop, mentor and support the SAS marketing team in the delivery of an effective marketing strategy.

We design and optimize your corporate brand to improve your growth, engagement, and brand awareness. We deliver brand messaging, corporate visual identity, key templates and social media content.

Built for Marketing recognises that there is often a time limit required for our services. It is our aim, when that time comes to ensure we assist in identifying the right talent to replace us. We can mentor new marketeers expand their market and sector knowledge, give advice and support.

We improve the company’s positioning by developing research within each of the key markets the client works within.

Our efforts are focused on capturing of costumer and marketing perceptions through comprehensive surveys and carry out local market/competitor analysis.

The results of the research enable to communicate on a local level with each of the key markets defined by the client.

We have the ability to manage the design, build and development new websites, as well us updating and improving existing ones.

For Built for Marketing a marketing strategy is aligned to a business’s overall plan. For marketing, this plan includes reaching prospective customers and converting them into an active customer base for either their products or services. Our client, marketing strategies ensure the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements are fully understood and communicated internally and externally.

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    What SAS International says

    “The work that Built for Marketing carried out on the branding project has had a hugely positive impact on our people and our marketing. The business culture was captured and delivered as a comprehensive branding process with full and creative brand guidelines. The outputs speak for themselves and are the reason why BFM remain an integral part of the team 4 years later.”