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The objective of the campaign was to gain more interaction with young people and to promote construction skills and career opportunities within schools.

"So proud of these! Let's make sure we reach the masses, to let them know what a fantastic industry we work in. Thank you Built for Marketing"

Cheryl Causebrook, Chair of Constructing Excellence Kent



The Kent branch's objective for 2018 was to address the skills shortage crisis and to build an interest in construction within a younger age group. There are over 186 identified trades and professional opportunities in the construction industry which are rarely discussed as career options within schools. The need to start the conversation at a younger age is a necessity. The 'Top Jobs' card game was a creative idea from Built for Marketing which was developed through their relationships with the organisation and specifically with the Chair of Constructing Excellence Kent, Cheryl Causebrook.



One reason for the skills shortage and lack of new talent entering the industry is that young people simply aren’t aware of the potential and range of jobs available within today’s construction industry. In a pledge to attract younger people, to get them excited about construction and to realise the endless opportunities there are within the industry, Constructing Excellence Kent are working to raise the industry’s profile within schools and colleges.

As part of this initiative, Built for Marketing created a construction industry themed card game. Across two sets of cards, a 'professions' pack and a 'trades' pack, the game promotes a broad range of jobs and summarises what each entails with 'scores' across a number of elements, allowing the cards to be played as a real game with the highest score winning the opponent's card.


Through Constructing Excellence’s network of 65 member companies and wider contacts in Kent education, the card packs are currently being distributed to colleges/schools and young people all around Kent.


We were recognised for our work with Constructing Excellence for the ‘Top Jobs in Construction’ initiative by the Construction Marketing Awards, being shortlisted for the 'Best Low Budget Campaign' in 2018. We are counting down the days until the winners are revealed on the 29th November!



"This game will engage classmates and promote the many positives from working in our industry. We are pleased to be sponsoring this initiative and raise awareness with our youth. Here’s to supporting our future workforce!".