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Airdat provides systems and services that improve safety and compliance standards, minimize accidents and incidents, and streamline processes to reduce operational costs for contractors within airports, airside. 

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The Challenge:
Our team was challenged to develop a full marketing strategy spanning eighteen months. The Scope of work included full product familiarisation, market research, a detailed website review, and creation of creative campaign elements.

The solution and results:
The strategy was provided within a nine-week programme of research activity and planning. It was presented virtually and delivered all the tools required for the Airdat team to move forward with a marketing strategy that clearly aligns to their business plans and objectives. 

The identified project outcomes included the requirement of a Key Account Management Process focused on current key accounts and planning activity in terms of both sales and marketing support. Following a website review, improvements and developments were identified for the visual and written content on the website. Enhancement of the AIRDAT Brand supported by new identified customer personas was also a key part of this process. This activity created a Tone of Voice for the business and an elevator pitch providing the opportunity for the website and social media introductions to align.

A Communications Plan was delivered and it included a campaign planing for 18 months with a detailed communication delivery schedule. The plan was heavy on detail and outlined line by line, month by month the activities needed to support the success of the eighteen-month marketing strategy. Individual campaign elements were created such as Opportunities to offer knowledge and educate by improving content, to move to more relationship building and thought leadership delivery. Consideration was also given to new product launches and of course “Jet Zero” and a focus on supporting customers in moving forward on their sustainable journey.

We design and optimize your corporate brand to improve your growth, engagement, and brand awareness. We deliver brand messaging, corporate visual identity, key templates and social media content.

Our team identifies high quality content needed to resonate with your companies’ CEOs and other construction industry leaders. We support you by creating copy writing and image sourcing for your online and offline platforms.

With a detailed sector understanding of construction, the Built Environment and Building Materials, Built for Marketing offer a market research service, a detailed gathering of data to aid in learning more about target demographics and your customer base. We aid businesses to be more market-focused, ensuring those within the business can market more effectively and, ultimately, succeed in their market goals.

Market research remains a vital part of any business strategy, big or small, new, or old.

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    What Airdat says

    “Jules and her team worked together with us at Airdat to create a meaningful marketing strategy that aligned to our business plan. They spent time to understand our products and services and how we focus on building customer relationships. The Built for Marketing work included not only the marketing strategy but provided the tools to deliver the strategy over an 18-month period in a detailed communications plan. All delivered on time and on budget. We look forward to our continued relationship with Jules and the Built for Marketing team.”

    Jennifer Tumbri, Airdat Projects & Development Director