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BFM worked on an 8-week project to help Cubicle Systems identify and develop their new healthcare division, CS Medical. This involved market research, brand and logo creation, as well as collateral management and delivery.

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The Challenge:

Having previously worked with Cubicle Systems back in 2010, BFM was approached to help develop their marketing strategy to enter the healthcare market by delivering a visual identity and supporting collateral.

Due to the business operations and market requirements, there was an 8-week timeline to complete the project.

The solution and results:

BFM meticulously managed this through Basecamp to ensure efficient and effective delivery.

BFM managed and delivered CS Medical’s new logo with a very clear and concise brief to align with the healthcare market while sitting comfortably within the Cubicle System brand family. Brand guidelines were created to compliment this logo to ensure consistency and across companies.

BFM managed, drafted and delivered the creation of CS Medical’s core product brochure. This brochure is used as an informational and sales tool to showcase CS Medical’s expertise and offering.

Aligning to the business objectives, the content was targeted directly to architects and designers in the healthcare sector. This incorporated relevant industry topics such as wellbeing, sustainability and compliance, as well as demonstrating CS Medical’s capability and offering.

For architects and designers, wellbeing and sustainability are growing priorities. As part of the marketing strategy, CS Medical needed to acknowledge and demonstrate their approach to new ways of thinking and working as manufacturers and consultants. Therefore, this messaging was included at the forefront of the brochure.

To keep the brochure clean and user friendly, BFM managed and delivered separate technical datasheets for each key product to include all relevant specification details. This also ensured that specifiers and designers were following the marketing funnel to convert into leads.

It was a pleasure to work with Cubicle Systems again and assist them in their new market strategy. We are already planning for future collaborative projects to align with their business strategy.

For Built for Marketing a marketing strategy is aligned to a business’s overall plan. For marketing, this plan includes reaching prospective customers and converting them into an active customer base for either their products or services.

Our client, marketing strategies ensure the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements are fully understood and communicated internally and externally.

We improve the company’s positioning by developing research within each of the key markets the client works within.

Our efforts are focused on capturing customer and marketing perceptions through comprehensive surveys and carry out local market/competitor analysis.

The results of the research enable communication on a local level with each of the key markets defined by the client.

We design and optimize your corporate brand to improve your growth, engagement, and brand awareness. We deliver brand messaging, corporate visual identity, key templates and social media content.

With a detailed sector understanding of construction, the Built Environment and Building Materials, Built for Marketing offer a market research service, a detailed gathering of data to aid in learning more about target demographics and your customer base. We aid businesses to be more market-focused, ensuring those within the business can market more effectively and, ultimately, succeed in their market goals.

Market research remains a vital part of any business strategy, big or small, new, or old.

Our team identifies high quality content needed to resonate with your companies’ CEOs and other construction industry leaders. We support you by creating copy writing and image sourcing for your online and offline platforms.

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    What CS Medical says

    Built for Marketing made the development of our new brochure simple. Not only did the project go smoothly, I cant believe how quickly we got to the final brochure from such a small initial brief. The final brochure exceeded my expectations and is one of the best I have ever seen.”

    John McKinlay, CS Medical Regional Sales Manager