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Working in collaboration with Ridgemount PR, our ‘Look Up’ campaign for SAS International was announced the winner of ‘Best International Campaign’ at the CMA Awards 2020.

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The Aim & Audience:

Look Up was a social media campaign to raise awareness of the SAS brand of high-quality metal ceilings, to generate new contacts for potential sales and to reach audiences in three continents. The campaign was directed to reach architects, across a wide demographic.

The solution and results:

The promotion campaign was run in three phases, allowing the measurement and evaluation of each phase to increase the impact.

Impressions, reach, engagement, competition entries and web traffic were evaluated to ensure results were geared towards meeting the strategic objective of the campaign.

Everything was tested – each advertisement, each post, each channel, with evidence from each test and each phase used to inform the next.  The accelerating levels of engagement with each phase demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.

More significantly, in the two months following the campaign website traffic remained high, showing a 44% rise in visitor numbers over the two months preceding the campaign – demonstrating a raised awareness of the website as a resource and of the SAS brand.

Project management of campaigns, detailed marketing strategies or product launches; demands planning and a constant eye on the detail. Built for Marketing apply, tried and tested processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve the specific project objectives. We manage this according to the project criteria within agreed parameters.

For Built for Marketing a marketing strategy is aligned to a business’s overall plan. For marketing, this plan includes reaching prospective customers and converting them into an active customer base for either their products or services. Our client, marketing strategies ensure the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements are fully understood and communicated internally and externally.

We improve the company’s positioning by developing research within each of the key markets the client works within.

Our efforts are focused on capturing of costumer and marketing perceptions through comprehensive surveys and carry out local market/competitor analysis.

The results of the research enable to communicate on a local level with each of the key markets defined by the client.

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