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ASI Group products were established in the US market. BFM’s work was to build on its current position by working collaboratively with the company, developing and delivering a RIBA CPD Program and BIM integration. This was designed to improve ASI’s brand and product recognition to provide a platform to increase sales. Built for Marketing also acted as an outsourced UK/EU marketing department for ASI Group.

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The Challenge:
BFM started by adapting the American Specialties Inc (ASI) CPD content from supplied product information to being UK relevant, ensuring the content was entertaining and engaging, both in a personal presentation format and the online version.

The solution and results:

BFM successfully delivered the initial presentation to the RIBA audiences while the UK Sales team were not yet active.

Built for Marketing maintained a regular engagement with RIBA and their NBS services and as well as European bodies to ensure American Specialties Inc services and products were actively managed.

BFM worked to integrate American Specialties Inc BIM models in the UK market place ensuring they met RIBA’s strict requirement and that the BIM data was assessed and approved for publication.

Our outsourced marketing support ensured we always vocalised creative/strategic ideas and concepts that were implemented as the ASI Group moved more physically into the UK market.

With a detailed sector understanding of construction, the Built Environment and Building Materials, Built for Marketing offer a market research service, a detailed gathering of data to aid in learning more about target demographics and your customer base. We aid businesses to be more market-focused, ensuring those within the business can market more effectively and, ultimately, succeed in their market goals.

Market research remains a vital part of any business strategy, big or small, new, or old.

For Built for Marketing a marketing strategy is aligned to a business’s overall plan. For marketing, this plan includes reaching prospective customers and converting them into an active customer base for either their products or services.

Our client, marketing strategies ensure the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements are fully understood and communicated internally and externally.

Once you have a marketing strategy Built for Marketing can act as a full outsourced Marketing team (From Director to Executive level at the cost equivalent to a Marketing Manager).

We enable companies to achieve all the market expertise, skills, tools, and tactics of a comprehensive marketing department but from a third-party company. This eliminates the need to hire or manage skilled marketing personnel within the business and ultimately reduces company head count.

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